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Yacht Club Croatia

Yacht Club Croatia

On July 1st, 1983, when the first ACI marinas opened their doors and berthed the first boats, it was a visionary feat. It was an answer to the more pronounced nautical presence in the Adriatic. Thus a chain of marinas along the Croatian Adriatic with high-quality standard service was created. Marinas were opened close to big towns along the coast, small towns on the islands or in the oases of untouched nature, which were ennobled and preserved.

Today, the ACI system has 21 marinas from the northernmost - in Umag to the southernmost - in Dubrovnik.

Emerged in the heart of Europe, the ACI marinas system’s closeness, traffic accessibility and the position in one of the most interesting seas for boaters, have been attracting yachtsmen from Europe and from all around the world for as long as 25 years.

“The most beautiful of seas”, safe navigation and high standards of safety and service in the ACI marinas encourage yachtsmen to sail on the Adriatic all the year round. Besides during the playful summer months, high spirits take over the marinas at weekends and during the holidays, when the berths come alive in the middle of the winter, and numerous devotees of the sea, sailing and enjoyment in the nature, refill their batteries to invest energy in everyday efforts more readily.

ACI marinas offer a safe berth, the required services of high quality and, let’s mention what is implicit – modern and impeccable service for the staff. Along with this, marinas are true gastronomic centres with top selection of dishes of the Mediterranean and international cuisine, and quality wines. Cafés are places where yachtsmen gather, drink their early morning coffee, enjoy chatting about the sea and sailing.

We have been affirmed, year after year, for our care for preservation of the environment, so a substantial number of our marinas proudly display “European Blue Flag” – an eco-award for safety and sea cleanliness. Only with a reliable and loyal partner, with a system which discreetly, but self-confidently, gives you maximal support, can you sail safely and light-heartedly, devote yourself to enjoying the contact with untouched nature, identify with the sea-gull, take in the scent of sea and pine trees, listen to the sound of wind or relax on the beach in a desert cove.

The ACI team understands yachtsmen, we strive to recognize their needs, and we try to provide them with maximal and timely service. Our 25-year-long experience and the fact that, year after year, more and more yachtsmen use our services, tell us that we are successful at doing our job. Therefore, we can invite you – if you want to enjoy exploring the whole Adriatic to the fullest – let’s sail together!

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