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2477 marinas
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Grupo Marinas del Mediterraneo

Grupo Marinas del Mediterráneo is made up of several companies with more than 15 years of experience. It is dedicated to the management and development of marinas located in various geographical points and its aim is to satisfy the requirements of various client collectives and to strengthen its leadership in the Spanish market.

Thanks to this dedication, various installations have been incorporated into Grupo Marinas del Mediterráneo and the number of berths has now risen to more than 1,000. This has increased business significantly, especially in the last five years. Marinas del Mediterráneo bases its work ethic on the quality of its services, security control, guarantee of its technological systems and respect for the environment.

Although its roots are stronger in Andalucía, Grupo Marinas del Mediterráneo is involved in marinas in other autonomous regions, in particular Euskadi and the Comunidad Valenciana, and it has acquired extensive experience in advising on the management and organisation of marinas.

At present there are more than 50 professional employees at Grupo Marinas del Mediterráneo, looking after clients 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. The main offices of the Group are in Estepona.



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